Monday, 8 March 2010

*Taptaptap* errr... Is this thing still on??

Well, so much for a post a day in February.  Never mind, eh?
I had *the* most awesome time at Textiles In Focus, and I will definitely be going back next year.  Highlights included:
  • About half of the my local spinning group showing up, at various times, saying, "I didn't know you did this!  Wow!!"
  • Selling out of drop spindles on the first day, and having to make more that evening.
  • Teaching a friend (Lorna!) from the knitting group to use her own, rather lovely, drop spindle.
  • Selling out of all my drop spindles for the second time whilst Lorna was grinning and squealing with delight behind the stall.
  • Being asked to teach drop spindling at TIF next year!
  • Having several people come past and tell me they'd found/been following this blog! Well hey, if you're still here, stop by and comment!
  • The hilariously knowledgeable lady who came past on Saturday, and solemnly informed her friend that, "Of course, you can't use these yarns for knitting with".  WTF?!
  • Persuading Pauline, the organiser, that the unused space next to my pitch would be perfect for a sociable spinning area next year.
Speaking of comments - I owe an apology to everyone who has commented so far.  I had the configuration of this blog set up wrongly, and they've been disappearing into the ether.  Technically, I suppose, I really owe everyone who commented a *reply*, but that seems sort of silly after a two-week absence. Mea culpa - and I'll try to do better in future.

Meanwhile, I suddenly realised yesterday that I haven't dyed anything for almost a month now.  Given that my next fair is only just a month away, I'd better get moving!!  (April 18th, here we come!)

Hmm.  Given that we woke up to a hard frost again this morning, do you think we'll want spring/summer yarns by mid April, or will we still be in the depths of winter?