Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Dye-a-day #2: Wensleydale roving in 'Florentine'

How much fun?!?  Like the sheep themselves, Wensleydale roving is a bit unusual.  Wensleydale wool is *the* finest lustre longwool.  It's not all ooshy-gooshy soft like merino or BFL - but it's a lot of fun to spin, and it makes fantastic, strong, striking yarns.  I've spun a Wensleydale blend to laceweight for my Mystery Shawl 3 project, and it was easily the most consistent quantity of laceweight I've ever spun.

Wensleydale sheep themselves have an enormous quantity of cascading ringlets - see?

...and the ringlets come through in the roving as that marvellous 'wave' you can see in the roving1.

This is another wool that I can buy locally, and it makes me very, very happy indeed.  Wensleydale sheep are considered 'very rare', and if I can help support the breed, that's got to be a good thing!

1 I can remember going to the Yorkshire Show as a child, and seeing a Wensleydale sheep in full fleece who was having a bit of a grumpy moment as its owner attempted to lead it to the ring.  It was bucking and rearing, and all that fleece was flying around it like a tangly, woolly halo.  My little brother thought it was the best thing he'd ever seen.

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